Where’s Waldo?

Waldo at the coffee shop

Where’s Waldo? This week he was taking a stroll at our local coffee shop. I don’t know if the kitchen crew even noticed someone was walking across the tin ceiling over their heads because they were as busy as usual!

I didn’t squeal or point, much to FarmerMan’s surprise, but I did snap a photo with my phone. If he hadn’t been on top of the ceiling over the kitchen serving window, I would have asked for his autograph, but I didn’t see a ladder that I could use. I love our coffee shop, but sometimes they are a little short-sighted in the ladder department.

It was totally amazing to me that I was the only person in the entire coffee shop that was stalking Waldo for the best angle to grab a snapshot, but they all were probably playing it cool and knew I’d blog, so they could get the best picture from me without their tablemates noticing.  Well played, coffee shop customers.


Stories Are Everywhere

I see stories everywhere, and I’m certain all writers say that, but look what I found! I don’t remember seeing it when we went into our Friday Date Coffee Shop, but when I was on my way to go outside to people-watch, it smiled at me, and I was shocked!

I have never seen a Short Story Dispenser before, and I was surprised I was the only one admiring its beauty and genius. There are three buttons: Press 1 for a short, 1-minute story; 2, for a 3-minute story; 3, for a children’s story. So, I did, and the dispenser printed out my selected story on paper that reminded me of one of the long receipts that some retail stores print, except the stories were interesting. (looking at you, national drug store chain, and you know who you are.)

The short 1-minute story was an enjoyable poem that I read in seconds.

The 3-minute story was not a quick read. I read it several times because of the depth of the science fiction survival story, and every time I read it, I caught another nuance. Wow.

The children’s story was interesting and funny, and I laughed. I don’t know if anyone in the coffee shop noticed because it didn’t matter to me. I half-expected someone to join me and ask what was so funny, but maybe they waited until after I left to get their own story.

The graphic at the top of the Short Story Dispenser is the logo for the Thomas County Public Library System. Well played, Librarians!

When Farmer Man joined me, I was really excited about the Story Dispenser and told him all about it and the stories, and he listened. He’s a keeper.