MAGGIE SLOAN – former librarian, self-trained spy, literal, and brilliant – has the skills of a deadly assassin. Our Gray Lady (like the Gray Man who blends in, except shorter) accepts a two-week assignment in Galveston, Texas, to find a missing spy who trusts only her. Larry, her original police officer protector and “cousin” from her hometown, is her backup.

The Gray Lady is rocking her new red boots as the fill-in cook at a diner, but before the end of her first week, she is shot. The attacks escalate and so does Maggie’s determination to solve the crimes. Note to bad guys: Maggie is irritated, and Larry and Maggie’s men are furious.

Maggie and Larry struggle with the disturbing clues that point to the guilt of everyone they meet. How many more people will die before Maggie uncovers the vicious leader who has escaped detection for so long?

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January 2020 New Release!



MAGGIE SLOAN: former librarian, self-trained spy, literal, and brilliant, has the skills of a deadly assassin. The Gray Lady travels to Galveston, Texas to find a missing spy. Larry, her police cohort, is her backup.

She rocks her new red boots as the fill-in cook at a diner, but she is shot before her first week ends. The attacks escalate, and Maggie, Larry, and Maggie’s men are determined to solve the crimes, except everyone they know looks guilty.

How many more will die before Maggie and her team uncover the vicious leader who has escaped detection for so long?


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Author’s Goal 2019 – Publish Four Books and Earn One Award

My Author’s Goal in 2018 was to publish a book. I published two. Time to up my game in 2019, so I did.

Danger in the Clouds

Published January 2019

Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Award


I Always Wanted To Be A Spy

Published February 2019

New Apple Literary Award – Excellence in Publishing

Sweet Deal Concealed

Donut Lady Mystery Series Book 2

Published March 2019

Florida Writers Association Award

Sweet Deal Revealed

Donut Lady Mystery Series, Book 3

Published July 2019

In 2019, I published four books and won three awards. Time to up my game.


Red is the New Gray First Blurb

The blurb for a book is that snippet that is displayed on the back of a paperback book cover or on Amazon as the description. A blurb is more important than a cover, according to people who want an author to pay them mucho money to write a blurb.

Like all writing, the first draft is the roughest and rarely shared. But I’m giving you an advanced peek.

MAGGIE SLOAN.  Former librarian, self-trained spy, and breakfast cook has the skills of a deadly assassin. Our literal Gray Lady has her red boots and doesn’t turn her back on danger.

The FBI declares Maggie is the only person that a missing spy trusts. When she agrees she will look for him for two weeks because she can’t be away from her sweet old dog Lucy longer than that, she and her unforgettable team go to Galveston Island, Texas where Maggie discovers red western boots and declares Red is the new Gray. Larry, a police officer from her hometown, is assigned as her backup.

With recipes in hand, she’s the new lunch cook at a diner.  Before the end of the week, she’s been shot, and the attacks escalate from there. Note to bad guys: Maggie is irritated; Larry is furious and so are Maggie’s guys.

Not kidding.   Seriously irritated!

Maggie’s trusted contacts are few, and she struggles with sorting through the disturbing clues that indicate the guilt of everyone. How can her sheer presence threaten the unknown operation of a hidden leader and his thugs? How many more people will be attacked before Maggie discovers who the vicious gray man is?

After her beloved Lucy arrives to live with Maggie in Texas and after Maggie catches the bad guy, will Maggie and Larry be able to leave Galveston Island’s tacos and beer?

How Would You Survive?

Are you ready for the free book in December that will help you check your survival skills?  What will you do when the power grid goes down? No internet, no social media, grocery stores run out of food in three days, gas pumps won’t work. End of the world as we know it.  How would you survive?

Note: My books are on Amazon. No surprise, but just letting you know as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

DANGER IN THE CLOUDS is Survivalist Science Fiction with a touch of supernatural.

Major Dave Elliott’s quiet farm life abruptly changes after a cyber-attack takes down the US power grid. When the criminal conspiracy expands to target his family, Major goes on the attack.



Bizarre? Just a Little


As soon as I had my table set up at the Bizarre Bazaar in Bainbridge, GA, my newest friend grabbed her DONUT LADY BOOK 1, Sweet Deal Sealed, before they were all gone. Note that I am a good inch taller than she is. She was at the booth around the corner from me with her amazing, talented husband and his beautiful woodwork. I love the new-to-me local festivals in south Georgia. I meet nice people and sell books.

There were some slightly bizarre happenings. I’m not going to tell you though because they all have a place in one of my books for 2020. I will tell you that I discovered the next murderer for DONUT LADY BOOK 4. One hint: the murderer is not pictured above. Unless she wants to be, then all bets are off.

Interested in knowing more about my current books? Here you go! Judith A. Barrett Author Page

Fall Festivals

This fall, FarmerMan and I are attending nearby fall festivals. We haul our books, tables, and tent and set up in a field or in a parking lot.  Our most recent fall festival was the Elevate Artisan Market hosted at an alpaca farm. Some people go to their local chain bookstore to sell and sign books. My hat’s off to them, but I suspect I met more people, sold more books, and had more fun at the alpaca farm.

Elevate All Set Up


My booth neighbor

Elevate neighbor booth Donna

Notice that Donna Butler, a talented woodworker and carpenter, and my booth neighbor, is strategically placed across from the maisie daze fleecery.


My prime location


I had a corner booth. One side of my tent faced the fleecery shop’s alpaca petting pen, and the other side overlooked a field of beautiful alpacas.

All the volunteers at the event wore T-shirts with the tagline, “Spit Happens.” Alpaca humor. A little known fact is that when an alpaca mama is giving birth, she is said to be “unpacking.”

Art festivals are very educational.