Author Highlights ~ Misty Hayes

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About Misty Hayes

Misty Hayes has always had a thing for escaping headfirst into fantastical books, which is what led her to start writing her own adventures. As someone who has spent a long career in law enforcement, Misty has a love for strong female protagonists. She also directs short films and claims to have been bitten by the traveling bug (not to be mistaken for a radioactive spider).

When Misty isn’t filming or roaming the planet, or diving into another novel, she’s spending time at home in Texas with her myriad of nieces and nephews in tow.

The Blood Dagger Series is a high-octane Young Adult Paranormal trilogy.

Misty Hayes Author Page on Amazon

The Blood Dagger Series


Interview with Misty Hayes

Q. How would your 10-year-old self react to what you do?

A. I may be biased here, but I’d like to think that my ten-year-old self would be slack-jawed and wide-eyed—police officer and writer—I still feel extremely fortunate in being able to do both.

Q. What is your definition of success? 

A. That’s a great question, I guess if/when I get there I’ll be able to answer this question more thoroughly. Easy answer is—being happy with where I’m at in life at that particular moment. Sometimes it’s hard for me to enjoy the little moments like I should.

Q. What is a dream you have that you’ve yet to achieve? 

A. Having my book be turned into a major motion picture or TV show.

Q. If you see a puddle on the ground, do you walk around it or over it? 

A. Depends on how lazy I’m feeling at that particular time. I love to run in the rain, though… makes me feel like a kid again.

Q. What tips do you have for a new writer? 

A.  Don’t overthink your work; have faith in your characters and writing because in the end, you’re the only one who can bring them to life.

Spying on Sweet Procrastination

pink doughnut-side-400x400

What do you get when an author who is also a farmer with fifty chickens avoids writing the next chapter of Book One of the SWEET DEAL COZY MYSTERIES because it might be scary?

A sweet chicken procrastinator.



What do you get when an author avoids the final editing of the novel, I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SPY, because editing stinks?

A sweet, stinky, spying chicken procrastinator.


writing tools

What do you get when it’s blog day on the schedule and an author avoids writing a blog?

A sweet, stinky, spying chicken procrastinator blog.


The Beta Hero


(Pic grabbed from the article in Indies Unlimited)

Yvonne Hertzberger wrote an outstanding article about the Beta Hero in Indies Unlimited. After reading her article, I realized I tend to write Beta Heroes too.  Beta guys have more depth, as far as I’m concerned.

I know a Beta Hero who learned to toss pizza when he was eight years old because he loved to cook. You’ll meet him in I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SPY when it’s published in January 2019.

THE GIRL WHO SAW CLOUDS has a Beta Hero. Remember how upset Pops got over Vanessa staying in town after the grid went down?

Even SWEET DEAL COZY MYSTERIES has more than one Beta Hero you’ll meet in Book 2 in Late Spring 2019. Not to give anything away, but you’ll recognize Roger and Jack.

Click the link below to read Yvonne’s full article. What do you think about a Beta Hero? Or do you prefer the Alpha Male when you read?

The Beta Hero: A Non-Stereotypical Male Character – Indies Unlimited

Farmers Market Book Signing

TSCFarmersMarket Sept 2018

Last weekend the Tractor Supply Company sponsored Farmers Markets at their stores across the US. Book signing at a Farmers Market? Made sense to me. My books take place in small towns and rural areas. Our store manager moved pallets so his vendors could set up in the air-conditioned store. He said he was worried about the 92° degree Florida heat. Nice people at the Tractor Supply Company.

We go to TSC at least once a week. FarmerMan wandered off and spent tons and tons of I Could Use Wish Money. You know, I could use this; I could use that.

I talked to people, sold books, and readers signed up to subscribe to my newsletter. Can’t beat that!

Author Highlights ~ Susie H. Baxter

Susie Baxter - 2_2 for back covr

About Susie H. Baxter

Susie H. Baxter serves as Creative Nonfiction Editor for Bacopa Literary Review, the annual print journal of the Writers Alliance of Gainesville, and teaches memoir writing at Santa Fe College.

During her career as an acquisitions editor and publisher for a health-science publishing house in St. Louis, Baxter commissioned dozens of successful clinical reference books, authored by world renowned physicians. Recognition for her success included Times Mirror’s coveted Editor-of-the-Year Award.

She is the author of three books: C. G. and Ethel, a Family History; Write Your Memoir, One Story at a Time; and Pumping Sunshine, A Memoir of My Rural Childhood, and a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Award competition, sponsored by the Florida Writers Association.

Susie H. Baxter Author Page on Amazon

Interview with Susie H. Baxter

Q. How would your 10-year-old self react to what you do?
A. She would not be surprised that I am currently renovating an old house—scraping peeling paint and cutting glass to replace broken window panes. But she would be surprised that I had a career in health-science publishing where I recruited physicians to write medical references, and that I have written a book about her childhood.
Q. What is your definition of success? 
A. Success is achieving a goal set by one’s self, no matter how large or small.
Q. What is a dream you have that you’ve yet to achieve? 
A. To consistently be relaxed and organized.
Q. If you see a puddle on the ground, do you walk around it or over it? 
A. At the age of five I stepped into it and ruined new shoes my parents bought on credit. Today I would walk around it. For sure. The punishment for my naivety is still vivid.
Q. What tips do you have for a new writer? 
A. Join a writing group so you can get encouragement and feedback. Trust your gut, but if two or more readers tell you a change is needed, believe it.
Thank you, Susie!


American Library Association and their Banned Books Week


The American Library Association uses Banned Books Week, September 23-29, to highlight books that have been (are going to be?) banned. I think it’s kind of a reverse psychology thing. You know, better read these banned books before we take them off the shelves again, wink, wink.

Good marketing, ALA. However, as an Indie Author and publisher, I shun the American Library Association. I’m sure there are a few indie authors who have managed to get a library to include an indie book on their shelf, but the library process is definitely not indie author friendly. I’m sure libraries would welcome donations of books, and there may be authors whose intent upon publishing is to provide a free book for anyone to reads. Not me.  I donate my free books to schools. And one or two to the local library while I wait for the ALA to catch up to the world of Indie Authors.

Maybe I’ll unshun ALA for a week. After all, maybe their campaign will encourage one or two people to pick up a paperback or an ebook and READ!

Here’s the link to the blog where I first learned about BBW.  Any blog titled Dysfunctional Literacy should be on everyone’s Must Read list.

What Books Would You Ban for Banned Book Week?