Welcome to my website!

I have always loved writing and telling stories. When I was growing up, I would write plays for my younger sisters to present to the delight of our family and friends.

I continued writing over the years by writing light-hearted articles for church newsletters and then blogging. My latest blog, Good for the Corn, chronicles my adventures as a gardener and chicken farmer in Florida.

My first book, Pink Baby Alligator, is a story I told my young granddaughter. We were at a popular restaurant and the prolonged wait for a table was stretching the patience of a three year old (and many of the adults). I made up the story of a Pink Baby Alligator to occupy our time and to stave off a meltdown. She loved that story – and so did all the adults who were nonchalantly listening. You know you have a good story when irritated customers who are hungry applaud! When she was four, she asked that the story be “written down” so she could read it for herself.

I am currently working on a Teen/Young Adult book entitled Novel Needs a Name. I am hopeful I’ll know what the name is by the time it is finished.

Pink Baby Alligator

is available on Amazon!