Welcome to my website!

I love to write stories. I see stories everywhere!  My blog, Good for the Corn, tells the stories I see as a gardener and chicken farmer in Florida.

My first children’s book, PINK BABY ALLIGATOR, is a story I told my young granddaughter. We were at a popular restaurant and the prolonged wait for a table was stretching the patience of a three year old (and many of the adults). I made up the story of a Pink Baby Alligator to occupy our time and to stave off a meltdown. She loved that story – and so did all the adults who were nonchalantly listening. You know you have a good story when irritated customers who are hungry applaud! When she was four, she asked that the story be “written down” so she could read it for herself. Now you can read it with your young one, too!

Pink Baby Alligator

is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and will soon be available in bookstores!



My first novel, THE GIRL WHO SAW CLOUDS, is a story about a girl. Who saw clouds. The novel is completed. Edited. Read and critiqued by a force of outstanding Beta Readers. I am in the process of finding an agent and a publisher for the novel. Stay tuned!