Judith A. Barrett

Award-winning Author Judith A. Barrett lives in rural Georgia with her FarmerMan husband, two dogs: TJ and Toby, and a few noisy chickens.

Judith is a fulltime author of over 25 published books, but she still finds time to work on their farm and enjoy the sunset, and looks forward to camping trips with FarmerMan, TJ, and Toby. In case you wondered, the chickens stay home under the expert care of another chicken farmer.

She writes thriller, post-apocalyptic science fiction, and cozy mystery novels set in Florida, Georgia, and other warm states near the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean because that’s where she lives and roams, although recently the characters in one of her books decided to relocate to Kansas. Yes, there’s a story about that. Check around her website, and you’ll find the book. Her stories contain a touch of humor, relatable characters, and always a murder or two to cover up a crime. She’s Not Your Typical author and all her novels are guaranteed to be Stories with a Twist.

You keep reading; I’ll keep writing!

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Chickens and Dogs

TJ and chickens June 2019

TJ guards the chickens. Good boy!