Award-winning Author Judith A. Barrett lives in rural Georgia with her FarmerMan husband, 2 dogs: TJ and Sadie, 40 hens (let us know when you want the names of all the chickens), abundant wildlife, wild birds, and beautiful butterflies. To her husband’s amazement, she has not named all the wildlife, birds, and butterflies. Yet.

When Judith is not writing, she’s out with her chickens or in the garden. Or in the garden, chasing out the chickens.

This is Joanna with her babies in June 2016. You may recognize her.  She has a cameo role in  DANGER IN THE CLOUDS.

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Her blog – QuickJAB  – shares her trials and joys of writing.

Her videos – cleverly labeled Book Videos – is where you will find her book trailers.

Her blog on Wobbly Creek (publisher) – WobblyBlog – shares tips and publishing hints with other self-publishers



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She will occasionally leave the farm and travel into town to speak to groups, especially those who are interested in reading or writing. Or chickens.

Her topics:

    • For Book Groups: Let’s Talk!
    • For Readers: How to Attack that To Be Read stack
    • Writing Tricks for Fiction
    • Write Your Story in Five Steps Using Project Management
    • Seven Easy Steps to Becoming An Author
    • Budgeting Basics: Planning a Budget for Your Book
    • How to GO WIDE with your Paperback with Ingram Spark
    • Planning Your First Chicken Coop
    • Want Goats? Where to Start