How to Whitelist Your Email

What is “Whitelist”?

Whitelist means to add and email address for someone – in our case, Judith A. Barrett, with the address judith (at) judithabarrett dot com to your email contacts or address book. (Notice the clever attempt to avoid the screenscrapers who grab email addresses off websites and scam like crazy?)

Why Whitelist?

Email providers are sometimes overzealous in their filtering. Whitelisting makes sure that you see the my emails in your inbox or primary folder and don’t miss out!

In general, if you do not see an email from Judith A. Barrett in your Inbox, the email may have mistakenly been sent to your spam or junk folder. Open the folder and move the email out.  See the following instructions on how to whitelist Judith A. Barrett Judith (at) judithabarrett dot com for common email providers.

How to Whitelist


  1. Check Spam or an email from Judith A. Barrett and open the email.
  2. Click ‘Dots’ button on the top right and select Filter messages like this .
  3. Check Categorize: Choose Category and click the downdrop icon next to Choose Category.
  4. Select Primary in the next options menu.
  5. If the message remains  in spam, mark it as “Not Spam” to report it as not spam.
  6. If you don’t find it in spam, check Promotions and move the email to Primary.
  7. A black bar message will appear in the corner of your screen. “Conversation moved to Primary. Do this for future messages from judith@judithabarrett.com?” Select Yes.

Yahoo! Mail

  1. Check Spam for an email from Judith A. Barrett and open the email.
  2. Click the Not Spam button on the top toolbar.
  3. Move your mouse over or tap the Gear icon in the top right navigation bar.
  4. Select Settings from the list that drops down.
  5. Choose Filters located on the left side of the page.
  6. Click the Add button on the Filters page.
  7. Create a name such as Whitelist in the Filter name
  8. In the From field leave the default contains
  9. Enter the email address Judith (at) judithabarrett dot com in the text box.
  10. Choose the destination folder Inbox.
  11. Click or tap Save for the message “Deliver to Inbox if From contains Judith A. Barrett

iPhone Mail App

  1. Check the Junk folder.
  2. Find the email from Judith A. Barrett and slide it left to see options.
  3. Tap More; tap Mark; Tap Mark as Not Junk

Outlook Mobile App

  1. Open the email from Judith A. Barrett
  2. Click the dropdown menu on the top right of your Inbox.
  3. On the menu displayed tap Move to Focused Inbox
  4. Select the Move this and all future messages button.
  5. Tap Move 
  6. Now all future messages from Judith A. Barrett will appear in your Focused Inbox

Outlook 2003, Outlook 2016 and Outlook Office 365

  1. Add Judith A. Barrett to your list of “Safe senders” on Outlook:
  2. Right click our email in your Inbox email list pane.
  3. On the menu displayed move your mouse over or tap Junk
  4. Click or tap on Never block sender in the menu that rolls out.
  5. Click OK in the resulting popup: – “The sender of the selected message has been added to your Safe Senders List.”
  6. Right click on the from address and select Add to contacts


Previously “Hotmail”, “Live”, “Windows Live” and “MSN”

  1. Check the Junk If you do not see the Judith A. Barrett email in your Inbox
  2. Open the email from Judith A. Barrett and Click the “Wait it’s safe” link and Mark  Judith A. Barrett (judith at judithabarrett dot com) as Wait, it’s safe!
  3. If you see the message, “Microsoft SmartScreen marked this message as junk and we’ll delete it after ten days.” Click Wait, it’s safe!

How to Manually Add to Safe List

  1. Click gear the icon on the top right.
  2. Select Options in the drop down list.
  3. On the Options page under Preventing junk email click Safe and blocked senders
  4. Click the link Safe senders on the next page.
  5. Enter the email address Judith (at) judithabarrett dot com in the text box.
  6. Click Add to list and – Judith A. Barrett will now be added to your list of Safe senders
  7. Emails added to your Safe senders will not be delivered by mistake to your Junk

AOL Webmail

If you find Judith A. Barrett in your spam folder:

  1. Right-clickt the email.
  2. Click “Not spam” in the resulting list.
  3. Add Judith (at) judithabarrett dot com to your Address Book: 
  4. Open the email from Judith A. Barrett
  5. Click the show details link next to Judith A. Barrett in the From field.
  6. Move your mouse over or tap Judith (at) judithabarrett dot com to show the menu.
  7. Click or tap Add contact in the menu displayed.
  8. Add Judith A. Barrett to the name fields
  9. Click Add contact

Next: Enable Images

  1. – By default AOL now blocks all images.
  2. – Open the email from Judith A. Barrett
  3. – Click Don’t block this sender
  4. – Now you will see our complete emails with no effort on your part


Log into your Xfinity account and select your Comcast webmail:

  1. If you find the email from Judith A. Barrett in your spam folder, open it.
  2. Click the Spam (not spam) icon on the top toolbar.
  3. Add Judith A. Barrett to your address book:
  4. Open the email from Judith A. Barrett.
  5. Click on the button at the top left of the email: judith at judithabarrett dot com +Add to Address Book to open your edit contact screen.
  6. Click Save.

I have instructions for some of the other email providers, please send an email to Judith at judithabarrett dot com, and we’ll see if I can help.

Note: Judith A. Barrett is in no way associated with any of the brands, websites or applications quoted here and has not tested all of the instructions. Any errors you find in the instructions are not intentional. All Trademarks ® are the property of their respective owners.


Reader Magnet Short Story, Chapter 1

Fun Mysteries to Read In April that Are NOT Reader Magnets

What Amazon Readers say:

“Every town needs a Donut Shop like this.”

“Wonderful book. Laughs and a mystery.”

While we wait for that Reader Magnet, Read the DONUT LADY MYSTERY SERIES, BOOKS 1, 2, and 3.

What Is a Reader Magnet?

A year ago, I had no idea what a reader magnet was. In my literalness, I envisioned a nice refrigerator magnet with a picture of a book and a puppy. And maybe a kitten and a chicken for good measure. I don’t know about anybody else’s readers except mine – but we all like books, puppies, kittens, and chickens.

Then I stumbled across the idea of a “short story” that would give a reader a taste of the author’s brilliant writing. My first thought: That’s dreadful.

The Short Story that Wasn’t a Reader Magnet

Case in point: I wrote a short story called Barter and Bargains three years ago and submitted it to millions of contests. (I typed jillions, but autocorrect frowns on exaggeration.) The maximum word count allowed was 5,000, so I had to trim my 7,500-word story back with a hatchet.

I received two recurring criticisms:

  1. The story was too nice.
  2. The critic/judge wanted to know more about the characters.

I learned four things from the experience:

  1. I write nice characters that people want to know more about.
  2. I am a great storyteller.
  3. My writing craft skills needed work.
  4. I can’t write short.
  5. Wait, make it five: I’m not deflated by criticism.

What’s an Overgrown Short Story?

I expanded my short story to a longer story that I learned could be called a novella. Another unfamiliar bookish word for a reader becoming a writer who was learning about publishing.

I still didn’t have a reader magnet, but I had a nice short novel about a nice donut shop. I called my novella Sweet Deal until someone pointed out all the romance books that were titled, Sweet Deal.

Sidetrip: Genre

Then I learned another word. Genre. Whatever it meant exactly, I wasn’t sure, but I was definitely positive I was not a romance genre type of writer. Mystery? Yes. Science Fiction? Yes? Throw in a little Supernatural? Always.

Unwritten, Non-Negotiable Rules

After I published the novella, named Sweet Deal Sealed with the subtitle Novella, I marveled at the encouragement from readers for me to write another book about the Donut Lady. So I wrote Sweet Deal Concealed, Book 2, a longer book that is referred to as a novel, and the Donut Lady Mystery Series was born. Last summer, I published Sweet Deal Revealed, Book 3, another novel. Little did I know there is a magical rule in the Invisible Publishing Rule Book that says a series cannot have a novella as Book 1 if all the subsequent books in the series are novels.

Fighting an invisible rule is not healthy for one’s sanity. Take my word for it. It drove me crazy that “they” insisted on calling Book 1 Book 0.5 because it was a novella; and Book 2? “They” call it Book 1. Book 3? Book 2. “They” live by rules, not logic. Rant over.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Do Something Different

So I expanded Sweet Deal Sealed: A Novella to a second edition, full-length novel by adding a murder or two and called it Sweet Deal Sealed. Clever, no?

Side note: Amazon has been absolutely amazing in their support as I’m going through the process of replacing the novella with a novel and eventually retiring the novella. 

This is all well and good and an absolutely lengthy story that probably could use a murder right about now to help the plot move along. However, I still don’t have a reader magnet.

Where is Reader Magnet?

Do we leave our hero, Reader Magnet, lost in the maze of bookish words and invisible rules? Of course not! Reader Magnet hitches up her pants and begins her quest for her true identity.

The Cliffhanger Part

While we’re waiting for the next installment of Reader Magnet, feel free to check out all my books on Amazon. Note: None of them are short stories or novellas except the one we sent to retirement, but she’s away at the moment as far as Amazon is concerned.

Judith A. Barrett Author Page

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SDS 2 Kindle 3D

Why a Second Edition?

Short answer:

More Story! The first edition of SWEET DEAL SEALED: A NOVELLA is 115 pages; the new SWEET DEAL SEALED, EXPANDED SECOND EDITION, is 235 pages!

Long Answer:

The first edition of SWEET DEAL SEALED is a novella – a short novel or a long short story. In the publishing world, there is a rule that says a series cannot have a novella as Book 1 unless all the rest of the books are also novellas. Who knew? Not me.

For example, Goodreads considers SWEET DEAL SEALED: A NOVELLA, BOOK 1  in the DONUT LADY MYSTERY SERIES as Book 0.5; SWEET DEAL CONCEALED, BOOK 2, Goodreads labeled as BOOK 1; SWEET DEAL REVEALED, BOOK 3, Goodreads labeled as BOOK 2. Ugh. Were readers confused? I know I was!

With DONUT LADY MYSTERY SERIES, BOOK 4 in the plans for 2020, it was time to channel my inner Don Quixote and pick my windmill/battles. Taking on the entire literary and publishing world to force them out of their antiquated rules didn’t seem fun. And I’m in it for the fun. I realized there was so much more to the Donut Lady’s earlier story. Who knew? And the EXPANDED SECOND EDITION was born. Now that was fun!




QUESTION: I’ve already read/never read Sweet Deal Sealed: Novella. Do I read Sweet Deal Sealed, Expanded Second Edition?


If you’ve read the original novella, you’ll enjoy the expanded story.

If you haven’t read the original novella, all of its story is included in the expanded second edition.


Are you interested in Book 4? Watch for it in the fall!

Author Goals 2020

My Author Goal in 2018 was to publish a book. Results: I published two books.

My Author Goals in 2019 were to publish four books and earn a prestigious award.  Results: I published four books and received three awards.

My Author Goals for 2020: Publish four books, receive a prestigious award, sell one book through a bookstore, and end the year with a POSITIVE net income. 

That last one – positive net income – is a stretch goal. At least I know the IRS is cheering me on!


WARNING Label? Read the Series in Order

Maggie Sloan Mystery Series, Books 1 and 2

I’m struggling with whether I need to add a warning label or spoiler alert to the beginning of RED IS THE NEW GRAY, MAGGIE SLOAN MYSTERY SERIES, BOOK 2.

For anyone who has read  I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SPY, BOOK 1, you know about Maggie and her men and her heartbreak.

It is possible for a new reader to read RED IS THE NEW GRAY, BOOK 2, without having read BOOK 1 because the men and other characters from BOOK 1 are introduced.

HOWEVER, the dilemma is that BOOK 2 of course also mentions Maggie’s heartbreak from BOOK 1. THAT’S a spoiler! Do I add a warning label to the beginning of BOOK 2?













MAGGIE SLOAN – former librarian, self-trained spy, literal, and brilliant – has the skills of a deadly assassin. Our Gray Lady (like the Gray Man who blends in, except shorter) accepts a two-week assignment in Galveston, Texas, to find a missing spy who trusts only her. Larry, her original police officer protector and “cousin” from her hometown, is her backup.

The Gray Lady is rocking her new red boots as the fill-in cook at a diner, but before the end of her first week, she is shot. The attacks escalate and so does Maggie’s determination to solve the crimes. Note to bad guys: Maggie is irritated, and Larry and Maggie’s men are furious.

Maggie and Larry struggle with the disturbing clues that point to the guilt of everyone they meet. How many more people will die before Maggie uncovers the vicious leader who has escaped detection for so long?

RED IS THE NEW GRAY Click/Tap to Buy on Amazon


Author’s Goal 2019 – Publish Four Books and Earn One Award

My Author’s Goal in 2018 was to publish a book. I published two. Time to up my game in 2019, so I did.

Danger in the Clouds

Published January 2019

Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Award


I Always Wanted To Be A Spy

Published February 2019

New Apple Literary Award – Excellence in Publishing

Sweet Deal Concealed

Donut Lady Mystery Series Book 2

Published March 2019

Florida Writers Association Award

Sweet Deal Revealed

Donut Lady Mystery Series, Book 3

Published July 2019

In 2019, I published four books and won three awards. Time to up my game.



No Coconut Trees in Georgia

Here’s a hack you won’t find anywhere else!

When you are at a school library in Georgia and you are discussing the differences in plants and trees between the Florida Everglades and South Georgia, NEVER dispute a second-grader. For example, coconut trees in Georgia? Pay attention to the seven-year-old expert.

Readers always win.


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How Would You Survive?

Are you ready for the free book in December that will help you check your survival skills?  What will you do when the power grid goes down? No internet, no social media, grocery stores run out of food in three days, gas pumps won’t work. End of the world as we know it.  How would you survive?

Note: My books are on Amazon. No surprise, but just letting you know as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

DANGER IN THE CLOUDS is Survivalist Science Fiction with a touch of supernatural.

Major Dave Elliott’s quiet farm life abruptly changes after a cyber-attack takes down the US power grid. When the criminal conspiracy expands to target his family, Major goes on the attack.




Bizarre? Just a Little


As soon as I had my table set up at the Bizarre Bazaar in Bainbridge, GA, my newest friend grabbed her DONUT LADY BOOK 1, Sweet Deal Sealed, before they were all gone. Note that I am a good inch taller than she is. She was at the booth around the corner from me with her amazing, talented husband and his beautiful woodwork. I love the new-to-me local festivals in south Georgia. I meet nice people and sell books.

There were some slightly bizarre happenings. I’m not going to tell you though because they all have a place in one of my books for 2020. I will tell you that I discovered the next murderer for DONUT LADY BOOK 4. One hint: the murderer is not pictured above. Unless she wants to be, then all bets are off.

Interested in knowing more about my current books? Here you go! Judith A. Barrett Author Page