Donut Lady Mystery Series

The Donut Lady is a retired teacher, donut shop owner, and a convicted felon. Will the shadows help or hinder her efforts to solve the murders in her small Georgia town?


Sweet Deal Sealed

Prequel to the Donut Lady Mystery Series

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When convicted felon Karen O’Brien moves back to her hometown in Georgia, she buys a local doughnut shop as she restarts her life. While baking her way into the hearts of the townspeople, she barters a sweet deal with a local boy. Two lost souls bond together as they teach each other valuable lessons.

When the boy suddenly goes missing, only Karen has all the clues to find him. Will her nightmares lead her to the boy before it’s too late? Did she really leave her old life behind or will her past haunt her and ruin her future?


Donut Lady Mystery Series

Sweet Deal Revealed (Book One)

Publish Date April 2019

Sweet Deal Revealed Book One Donut Lady Cozy Mysteries 6x9 Dec 2018



Sweet Deal Repealed (Book Two)

Publish Date July 2019

Sweet Deal Repealed Book Two Donut Lady Cozy Mystery 6x9 Dec 2018