Donut Lady Mystery Series

KAREN O’BRIEN is a retired teacher, owner of a donut shop, and convicted felon. She moves to her hometown in south Georgia and purchases a donut shop, complete with the owner’s dog, Colonel, and cat, Mia. Even though she is plagued by her nightmares and shadows that linger from her years in prison, she plans to start over with a new, quiet life in the small town. Good plan. Except for the missing boy in Book 1. And the murders in Book 2.  

Sweet Deal Concealed

Donut Lady Mystery Series, Book 2

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KAREN O’BRIEN, DONUT LADY, buys a donut shop complete with a dog and cat in her hometown in south Georgia. Her nightmares and shadows from her years in prison still plague her. When Donut Lady hires a new assistant, she learns Tiffany is haunted by her own past and nightmares from being in prison.

Karen is threatened by a violent man who is murdered, and his wife disappears. Karen discovers Tiffany was once a close friend of the man’s wife. Is Tiffany able to break away from her past?

Karen’s nightmares foretell of a second murder. Will the shadows expose what is concealed? When the killer stalks the Donut Lady, will she be fierce or the next victim?


Sweet Deal Sealed: A Novella

Donut Lady Mystery Series, Book 1

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When convicted felon Karen O’Brien completes her prison sentence, she is ready for a new life. She moves to her hometown in southern Georgia and buys a charming, old-fashioned donut shop, complete with the owner’s dog, cat, and secret recipes to seal the deal. The nightmares and shadows that plagued her in prison linger and add to Karen’s struggles to adapt to civilian life.  Starting over isn’t the smooth process she had hoped for because not all the locals welcome her presence.

Karen is the only person in town who sees a local boy’s potential. When Woody suddenly disappears from his sketchy living conditions, Karen is frantic. Can she find the missing boy before it’s too late? Will her nightmares hinder her or lead her to Woody?


Donut Lady Mystery Series

Sweet Deal Revealed Book 3

Publish Date July 2019

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