Donut Lady Mystery Series

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KAREN O’BRIEN is a former teacher and convicted felon. After prison, she looks forward to a new, quiet life in the small town where she buys a donut shop complete with a sweet German Shepherd, Colonel, and a sassy gray cat, Mia.

Good plan. Except for the murders and missing boy in Book 1. And the murders in Book 2.  And you guessed it, more killers in Books 3 and 4.

Sweet Deal Sealed 

Donut Lady Mystery Series, Book 1

Karen O’Brien’s friend is murdered while she’s in prison. Her shadows and nightmares are terrifying, but they may be trying to help her stop the serial killer.

Sweet Deal Concealed

Donut Lady Mystery Series, Book 2

The killer stalks the Donut Lady. It’s time to be fierce.



Sweet Deal Revealed

Donut Lady Mystery Series, Book 3

When the killer targets the Donut Lady, it’s personal.


Sweet Deal Appealed

Donut Lady Mystery Series, Book 4

Donut Lady’s life depends on her dead ex-husband. A silent stalker intends for her to die.




Award-Winning Sweet Deal Concealed

SWEET DEAL CONCEALED received the BRONZE Medal in the Royal Palm Literary Award for 2019.

RPLA SDC Winner 

The official acceptance photo of the RPLA Award for SWEET DEAL CONCEALED was more lively than most others. We don’t do Staid or Standing Still for Pictures when a character actor who reminds everyone of Shirley provides a little encouragement.