Danger In the Clouds

A Major Elliott Novel

Paperback and eBook



MAJOR DAVE ELLIOTT – widower, farmer, and retired from the Florida State Highway Patrol –  lives with his dog, Shadow.  His lonely days on his Florida farm abruptly change when his 17-year-old granddaughter with autism, AIMEE LOUISE, comes to live with him.

Aimee Louise doesn’t see facial expressions; she sees “clouds” that reveal a person’s true feelings and intentions. When an explosion takes down the regional electricity, the sheriff’s family takes refuge at Major’s farm. After a cyberattack, the nation’s electrical grid collapses, and the Major’s pack grows.

Major’s experience leads their survival through the economic collapse where lawlessness reigns. When Aimee Louise sees danger in the clouds, she becomes a target for the criminal masterminds intending to control the US government. After her gift thwarts a barrage of assaults, Major goes on the attack to stop the criminals. Can he succeed where others have tragically failed?

** DANGER IN THE CLOUDS is the same story as THE GIRL WHO SAW CLOUDS except the story is told from the viewpoint of MAJOR and the other adults. **