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Maggie Sloan Thriller SeriesView of destruction city with fires and explosion over dramatic sky background

Librarian with the skills of a streetfighter and the soul of a spy.

Maggie and her unusual team expose long-hidden crimes, but at a cost. The killers are desperate…Maggie must die.

Riley Malloy Mystery Series


Vet tech with an uncanny ability to understand animals and expose criminals. 

Riley stands in the way of the desperate criminals who obsess over their plans to murder her. While Riley untangles the clues in cold cases, the killers plot her death.

Grid Down Survival Series


Power grid collapses. The US economy nosedives. Ruthlessness rules.

 Will Major, his granddaughter Aimee Louise, and Deputy Stuart succeed in their struggle to protect the families who have banded together? The cost of failure is death.

Donut Lady Cozy Mystery Series

Donut Lady Cozy Mystery Jan 25 2023 talrge cup 5-5x5-5 June 16 2023

Former teacher, convicted felon, owner of a donut shop, and a killer magnet.

Karen O’Brien buys a donut shop in her hometown. Her knack for sifting through clues and exposing crime makes her a target. The killers are obsessed: Donut Lady has to die.

Wren and Rascal Cozy Mystery Series

Wren and Rascal series 5.5x5.5

Journalist, camping enthusiast, accidental crime fighter.

Wren and her dog Rascal travel to haunted campgrounds where Wren, Rascal, and a few random ghosts uncover clues and solve old crimes. The killers plan her early demise.

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