Where’s Waldo?

Waldo at the coffee shop

Where’s Waldo? This week he was taking a stroll at our local coffee shop. I don’t know if the kitchen crew even noticed someone was walking across the tin ceiling over their heads because they were as busy as usual!

I didn’t squeal or point, much to FarmerMan’s surprise, but I did snap a photo with my phone. If he hadn’t been on top of the ceiling over the kitchen serving window, I would have asked for his autograph, but I didn’t see a ladder that I could use. I love our coffee shop, but sometimes they are a little short-sighted in the ladder department.

It was totally amazing to me that I was the only person in the entire coffee shop that was stalking Waldo for the best angle to grab a snapshot, but they all were probably playing it cool and knew I’d blog, so they could get the best picture from me without their tablemates noticing.  Well played, coffee shop customers.

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