Blend In with the Right Herd

Deer with Cows Apr 2014

The best books blend in with the herd, but great books find the right herd. I made that up, but it seems logical to me.

You know the Cow Rule, right? When you’re driving in the countryside, it’s obligatory for all passengers to say, “Cows,” when they see cows in a field. I may not always follow all the rules, but I definitely would never break the Cow Rule. 

Someone in the field is banking on the Cow Rule, so when cars and trucks pass by, the passengers say, “Cow,” and everybody’s happy.  

Except for that one time we were driving on a familiar road near our small farm, and I startled FarmerMan when I shouted, “DEER!”

He slammed on the brakes and pulled to the side of the road, fully expecting to see a doe with a fawn or two behind her as they darted across the road in front of us. He was even more startled when I hopped out of the truck and stepped into the dry, thankfully, ditch and snapped a photo.

I climbed back into the truck. “I got it!”   

FarmerMan knows me well; I might not be typical, but I’m logical in my own way. When I handed him my phone, he zoomed in and saw the “new” cow in the field who had found her herd.

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Red is the New Gray First Blurb

The blurb for a book is that snippet that is displayed on the back of a paperback book cover or on Amazon as the description. A blurb is more important than a cover, according to people who want an author to pay them mucho money to write a blurb.

Like all writing, the first draft is the roughest and rarely shared. But I’m giving you an advanced peek.

MAGGIE SLOAN.  Former librarian, self-trained spy, and breakfast cook has the skills of a deadly assassin. Our literal Gray Lady has her red boots and doesn’t turn her back on danger.

The FBI declares Maggie is the only person that a missing spy trusts. When she agrees she will look for him for two weeks because she can’t be away from her sweet old dog Lucy longer than that, she and her unforgettable team go to Galveston Island, Texas where Maggie discovers red western boots and declares Red is the new Gray. Larry, a police officer from her hometown, is assigned as her backup.

With recipes in hand, she’s the new lunch cook at a diner.  Before the end of the week, she’s been shot, and the attacks escalate from there. Note to bad guys: Maggie is irritated; Larry is furious and so are Maggie’s guys.

Not kidding.   Seriously irritated!

Maggie’s trusted contacts are few, and she struggles with sorting through the disturbing clues that indicate the guilt of everyone. How can her sheer presence threaten the unknown operation of a hidden leader and his thugs? How many more people will be attacked before Maggie discovers who the vicious gray man is?

After her beloved Lucy arrives to live with Maggie in Texas and after Maggie catches the bad guy, will Maggie and Larry be able to leave Galveston Island’s tacos and beer?