A Poem for April, National Poetry Month


A Poem of Passion and Encouragement

When life gets you down, think of bacon.

When you’re sad, think of bacon.

When you’re at your worst, think of bacon.

When you need a hug, think of bacon.

When you need love, think of bacon.

Yes, bacon makes it better.

We all need bacon.


Source: Ralph Nelson Willett @NorthernOvation on Twitter



April is National Poetry Month


I’m sure I missed it last year, but poetry’s publicist was busier this year. I see April is National Poetry Month in the US and Canada and is being announced everywhere I read. Except on my cereal box. You still read cereal boxes too, don’t you?

Because Cheerios® has been my go-to cereal since forever, this poem is dedicated to Honey Nut Cheerios®.

When The Chicken Don’t Lay

When the chickens don’t lay

And we have no eggs,

When the north wind blows

And the storm rushes in,

When the chickens have declared

No eggs this week.

When the sun rises

And our plates are bare,

Where is our relief from hunger and defeat?



~ An Original Poem by Judith A. Barrett

Thanks and a lift of the bowl to Grammarly. My favorite of all time editing software.