Halloween Preparations 2020

After we moved from the suburbs to the country many years ago, I lost interest in Halloween. Trick or treaters don’t trudge from house to house when the houses are a mile or more apart. There’s not a good return on investment there – just ask any six-year-old trick or treater who calculates success by the number of pieces of candy per hour.

The year 2020 has broken the “same ole, same ole” rule. But not all is bad because this year, Halloween falls on Saturday! For the first time in 2020, I’m attending a fair to talk to actual people in real life and sell a few books! 

Of course, all good book and artisan fairs begin with planning. 


Actual picture of my vendor friends and me planning for the Elevate Artisan Market.

Elevate Artisan Market Tap or Click

The 125!! artisans are all local folks, and every item on display for sale at the outdoor Elevate Artisan Market was hand-crafted by the artisan. Did I tell you the Elevate Artisan Market is hosted on an Alpaca Farm? Did you know that the motto of the farm is Spit Happens?

Because it’s Halloween, Elevate Artisan Market is hosting a Trick or Treat bonanza to satisfy even the most discerning six-year-old candy-counter. 125 artisans, most of whom had not seen a trick or treater in years, are preparing for the Trick or Treat festival that will never be forgotten. Calculate THAT, you number-crunching, candy-munching six-year-olds!

Because children are invited to wear costumes, wouldn’t you guess the crazy creatives who are staffing those booths might be in costume too? I won’t tell you exactly what my costume is, but here’s a peek at my vendor apron.

Do these spiders make me look fat?

Click or tap the apron to fly to my website. 

I might need to find a broom appropriate for someone who is wearing a spider apron.

If you can get to Cairo, Georgia by October 31, bring your mask and your favorite trick or treaters. It will be a fun, sweet, exhausting, beautiful day.

And in case you wondered, Cairo is pronounced KAY-Row in south Georgia. Like the syrup. Which may be pronounced sir-RUP or SEE-rup or …

See you at the sweetest Halloween Artisan Fair in the entire United States. (Go ahead. Name even one other)