Hot Summer and Hot Peppers

Our jalapeno plants are producing fat, hot jalapenos. I can’t make jalapeno jelly to go with cream cheese on top of crackers, though, because we’d never be able to eat all the jelly before next year. Pickled jalapenos, however, go with everything – cheeseburgers, scrambled eggs, tacos, enchiladas, mixed with cream cheese for bagels, sloppy joes, spaghetti, fried potatoes…

Our jalapenos tend to be mild, but that’s our New Mexico-Texas taste buds talking. 

How many pounds are in a peck? It depends… the internet appears to be fond of random numbers. For example, a peck of apples is 12-14 pounds;  a peck of tomatoes is 10ish pounds… there’s a meandering trail on the internet of conflicting information if you’re ever tired of scrolling the same old stuff and want to read something different with no memes… be my guest.

While you’re doing that, I’ll be canning on the back deck in the sticky Georgia summer heat because who wants to overtax the air conditioning system with a canning pot that is full of boiling water? 

Bring a big ole glass of sweet tea if you wander by, and I’ll tell you a story about how the ripening of peppers can lead to a grand adventure. Better yet, bring a pitcher because you know one of my stories always leads to another…




Pink Baby Alligator in Austria

The very best way to travel…

Flat Rose Travels Landy in Austria May 2018


First stop – Wien – or Vienna for those of us who are US-bound. This is the Upper Belvedere Palace. May is evidently the best month of all to go sightseeing in Wien… nobody else is around.

Flat Rose Travels Landy Vienna Upper Belevedere May 2018


Oh. Here are some people leading the way to the Museum of Natural History.

Flat Rose Travels Landy Vienna Museum of Natural History May 2018


The Imperial Palace, Hofburg, is in the center of Wien and was built in the 13th century.  I think it looks brand-new.

Flat Rose Travels Landy Vienna Hofburg Palace


The gardens and parks in Wien are beautiful and very well-maintained.

Flat Rose Travels Landy Vienna Garden May 2018


Pink Baby Alligator and an orange tree. In Austria. Can’t you just hear her?

“Look at this, folks. Landy from Florida found an orange tree in Austria.”

Flat Rose Travels Landy Lemon Tree in Vienna May 2018


The Schlossberg is in the center of Graz, the second largest town in Austria. It’s on top of a high hill, that looks more like a mountain to Rose, that overlooks most of the city. Two hundred and sixty steps lead to the top of the hill, but there’s a lift for those who prefer to still be breathing by the time they get to the top.

Flat Rose Travels Landy Graz Austria Schlossenberg UNESCO World Heritage Site June 2018


Guess who Landy and Rose ran into at the Eggenberg Palace? Yep, it’s Petey!

Flat Rose Travels Landy Graz Austria Petey June 2018


Here’s an admirer who is wondering if that really is Petey.  Or… if I may …. a fan looking at a fan. Hahaha.

Flat Rose Travels Landy Eggenberg Palace and Petey June 2018


Pink Rose found a pink rose. Well done, Landy.


Flat Rose Travels Landy Graz Austria Roses June 2018