American Library Association and their Banned Books Week


The American Library Association uses Banned Books Week, September 23-29, to highlight books that have been (are going to be?) banned. I think it’s kind of a reverse psychology thing. You know, better read these banned books before we take them off the shelves again, wink, wink.

Good marketing, ALA. However, as an Indie Author and publisher, I shun the American Library Association. I’m sure there are a few indie authors who have managed to get a library to include an indie book on their shelf, but the library process is definitely not indie author friendly. I’m sure libraries would welcome donations of books, and there may be authors whose intent upon publishing is to provide a free book for anyone to reads. Not me.  I donate my free books to schools. And one or two to the local library while I wait for the ALA to catch up to the world of Indie Authors.

Maybe I’ll unshun ALA for a week. After all, maybe their campaign will encourage one or two people to pick up a paperback or an ebook and READ!

Here’s the link to the blog where I first learned about BBW.  Any blog titled Dysfunctional Literacy should be on everyone’s Must Read list.

What Books Would You Ban for Banned Book Week?

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