Judith A. Barrett Books at Your Library

If you can’t find a Judith A. Barrett Book at your local library, share this chart with them. They can order a book for you by Author, Title, or ISBN number. 

JUDITH A BARRETT Series/BookTitle ebook ISBNPaperback ISBN
Maggie Sloan Thriller Book 1I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SPY978-1-7322989-6-5978-1-7322989-7-2
Maggie Sloan Thriller Book 2RED IS THE NEW GRAY978-1-7331241-2-6978-1-7331241-3-3
Maggie Sloan Thriller Book 3HIDDEN BY FIRE978-1-7331241-8-8978-1-7331241-9-5
Maggie Sloan Thriller Book 4ONE EYE ON THE KILLER978-1-95870-06-3978-1-95870-07-0
Maggie Sloan Thriller Book 5SEE BEYOND THE FOG978-1-953870-16-2978-1-953870-17-9
Maggie Sloan Thriller Book 6SLIP FROM SIGHT978-1-953870-29-2
Maggie Sloan Thriller Book 7COUNTED IN BLOOD978-1-953870-36-0
PreOrder Release April 27, 2023
Grid Down Survival Book 1DANGER IN THE CLOUDS978-1-7322989-4-1978-1-7322989-5-8
Grid Down Survival Book 2DANGER IN THE WIND978-1-7331241-6-4978-1-7331241-7-1
Grid Down Survival Book 3DANGER ON THE ROAD978-1-953870-02-5978-1-953870-03-2
Grid Down Survival Book 4DANGER IN THE FIELD978-1-953870-08-7978-1-953870-09-4
Grid Down Survival Book 5DANGER AT THE FARM978-1-953870-20-9978-1-953870-21-6
Grid Down Survival Book 6SEASON OF DANGER978-1-953870-32-2978-1-953870-33-9
Riley Malloy Thriller Book 1TAGGED BY DEATH978-1-953870-04-9978-1-593070-05-6
Riley Malloy Thriller Book 2DEFY DEATH978-1-953870-12-4978-1-953870-13-1
Riley Malloy Thriller Book 3RACE AGAINST DEATH978-1-953870-14-8978-1-953870-15-5
Riley Malloy Thriller Book 4STALKED BY DEATH978-1-953870-25-4978-1-953870-26-1
Riley Malloy Thriller Book 5DEADLY EQUITY978-1-953870-34-6
PreOrder Release Feb 24, 2023
Donut Lady Cozy Mystery Book 1SWEET DEAL SEALED978-1-7331241-4-0978-1-7331241-5-7
Donut Lady Cozy Mystery Book 2SWEET DEAL CONCEALED978-1-7322989-8-9978-1-7322989-9-6
Donut Lady Cozy Mystery Book 3SWEET DEAL REVEALED978-1-7331241-0-2978-1-7331241-1-9
Donut Lady Cozy Mystery Book 4SWEET DEAL APPEALED978-1-95870-00-1978-1-953870-01-8
Donut Lady Cozy Mystery Book 5SWEET SECRET DEAL978-1-953870-10-0978-1-953870-11-7
Donut Lady Cozy Mystery Book 6SWEET AND SOUR DEAL978-1-953870-23-0978-1-953870-24-7
MORE BOOKS to come in 2023!