In the Pink for Pink Baby Alligator

Judith A. Barrett lives in rural northern Florida with her husband, 2 dogs, 2 roosters, 60 hens, abundant wildlife, wild birds, and beautiful butterflies. She has named all of her chickens, and they answer to their names.  To her husband’s amazement, she has not named all the wildlife, birds, and butterflies. Yet.

Her children’s book, PINK BABY ALLIGATOR, was published in 2016 by Marcinson Press and is available on Amazon.

Her newest completed work, THE GIRL WHO SAW CLOUDS, is a YA/crossover novel making the rounds with agents and publishers. The main character, Aimee Louise, a fourteen-year-old with autism, sees revealing clouds in the place of faces and facial expressions. The story appeals to adults because it is a story of survival during difficult times of technology failure. Chilling.

Another novel is in the works, I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SPY.  It’s a standard detective story without the stereotypic detective and with a little extra imagination thrown in. Imaginary Standard.

Her blog – QuickJAB  – shares her trials and joys of writing.

Her farm blog – Good for the Corn  – shares her adventures and joys of life in the country.