Sweet Deal Sealed

A Novella by Judith A. Barrett


Sweet Deal Sealed on Amazon

Sweet Deal Sealed on Kindle Unlimited



Everyone says she is nice – retired schoolteacher, owner of a doughnut shop, and convicted felon. When the boy she befriends disappears, she turns to her nightmares to find him.

Pink Baby Alligator

A Children’s Book by Judith A. Barrett

Illustrated by Emily D. Stewart

pba-book-coverBIG NEWS!!

Pink Baby Alligator is a Semi-Finalist in the 2018 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition!




From the very beginning, it’s obvious that Rose is different. As a lone pink alligator in a family of green ones, she stands out when all she wants to do is blend in.

With the support of Mama Alligator and her friends, Rose sets off on an adventure to discover how to use her special gift to create a place where everyone is included!

Pink Baby Alligator is on Amazon.  Or if you’d like an author-signed copy, just click on Contact and send me a message.

Pink Baby Alligator Book Trailer          Flat Rose - image 2



The Girl Who Saw Clouds

A Novel by Judith A. Barrett

The Girl Who Saw Clouds is a Young Adult novel. It’s about a girl. Who saw clouds.

Aimee Louise, who lives on a farm with her grandfather, is a bright, quirky 14-year-old with autism. She does not understand facial expressions. The “clouds” she sees instead of faces reveal a person’s true feelings and intentions –  happy, calm, angry, or even dangerous. Aimee Louise’s ability to recognize danger saves her and her extended family more than once. However, her knack for avoiding dicey situations does not go unnoticed.

After an explosion at a substation plunges the surrounding counties into darkness, Aimee Louise and the local Sheriff predict there will be a much wider-spread outage. Their warnings are heeded by some, but ignored by most.

The second outage, a cyber-attack, takes down the grid across the US. The Sheriff, his family, and others join the farm family. Hard work and corny jokes keep the family going.

Those who are responsible for the outages are determined to find the missing, irrefutable evidence of their ultimate plans. Aimee Louise’s gift of clouds is key to thwarting those who are trying to retrieve that evidence at any cost.

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