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4 thoughts on “Free Book Every Month? For Free?”

  1. I loved your book! And what is even more is that were we living in the same country or something like that, we could have become fast friends! All my chickens had names and yes- the respons to their names. And some of them, who were really very close, like Lucy and his wife Dushi, plus several of their daughters liked to come into the house to have a good cuddle and neither of those would ever leave anything bad behind. They would run to the kitchen door, run outside and do what they had to out there. 🙂
    Lucy was a rooster of course, but I raised him from the egg and he was sure I was his mother. At the time I could not tell his gender and later on it proved impossible to change his name. So Lucy he was and stayed. I loved all my animals, but he and his nearest family were extra special. 🙂
    I had dogs, cats, chickens, pigeons, geese, etc. and of course lots and lots of free birds, when living in Holland. We also had an animal ambulance. Now we live in Portugal and cannot do al that anymore. I am 73 and cannot walk very well. But, we do have a lovely old dog and a cat.
    Love, Lia.

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    1. I loved hearing about Lucy and your housebroken chickens! I know you miss your chickens and the other birds, but I’m happy you have your old dog and your cat.

      I’m thrilled you enjoyed the book. Thank you so much for telling me! Did you subscribe to my newsletter? I have four new books planned for next year!


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